Jade gambling popularization

Jade gambling popularization

Jadeite has always been cherished by the Chinese people. In addition to our common finished goods transactions, there is a very special trading method in the jade and jade market, namely gambling stone trading. Because of its rich gambling color, it is quite mysterious. But it is not entirely a gamble to spell the character. To be exact, the gambling stone is the gambling experience, the gambling eye and the gambling luck. The following is some knowledge about the jade gambling stone.

The jade stone produced in Myanmar is thin and sees green grass, but has many cracks. Houjiangyu is divided into old Jiangyu and Xinhoujiangyu, both of which are riverbed sediments. The weight hardness of Lao Hou Jiang Yu is larger than that of Xin Hou Jiang Yu. Therefore, the old Houjiang jade deposits at the bottom of the riverbed. The new Houjiang jade is deposited in the lower part of the riverbed sedimentary layer and has a larger block. Old Houjiang jade is more green and brighter than the color on the raw material. The color of the new Houjiang jade raw material is very good, and it will be reduced after being finished. Another example is the black-skinned sand jade, which can only be used when the green is very concentrated and large. If the green is very scattered, the bottom should be used to set off the jadeite. The quality varies greatly depending on the place of production. The method of identifying good or bad is also different. Therefore, when purchasing and selecting raw materials, it is necessary to grasp the characteristics of the origin of each jade. For example, the characteristics of Houjiang jade are that the smaller the color and the better the water, the better it is not to buy this material. Because the bottom of the green sand jade is generally grayish brown, together with it, the color is ruined; and like the gray card jade, one of its big head, the whole piece of material only local water is very good, put the water The benefit slice is for you to see if you don't pay attention to other parts. There are nearly 25 production sites throughout the Myanmar jade mine. We should make them clear in practice, and when it comes to buying jade raw materials, it will be like a duck.

When selecting jadeite, choose jade materials with large color changes on the skin, black bands and plaques, and jade materials with viscous moss and skin on the skin. The above signs indicate that there is green inside the jade. And the bottom is clean, the water is less cracked. '

Some green jade, after being illuminated by a concentrated flashlight, the light can be injected into the jade a few centimeters deep, crystal clear and beautiful. However, if you use this material to make small and thin jewelry such as ring faces, saddle rings or pendants, the green color will become very light, even blue or colorless, and the price of such jade materials is also very high. Therefore, in the selection, if it is a jewellery, it is generally used indoors to illuminate the pure color of the jade with no impurities, and the light can enter 0.5-1 cm. The thickness of the finished product can be used to adjust the depth of the green. If it is very transparent, you can make some high-grade and high-grade crafts according to the color.  

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