Compare the top ten gaps in the hardware market at home and abroad

Compare the top ten gaps in the hardware market at home and abroad

Abstract At present, compared with the international market, the domestic market mainly has the following ten major gaps: 1. Scale. The US hardware tools market has a market capacity of $40 billion. Such as the US company, the products include manual and power tools, automotive diagnostic and repair equipment, diagnostic technology...

At present, there are mainly the following ten gaps between the domestic market and the international market:

1. Scale. The US hardware tools market has a market capacity of $40 billion. For example, Schneider Electric products include manual and power tools, automotive diagnostic and repair equipment, diagnostic technology and related products, which are widely used in automotive, aerospace and other commercial fields.

2. Strategic planning. The products of world-class companies often give people a very clear impression. Many of our hardware companies have diversified strategies and excessive competition. Many domestic manufacturers and brands are not prominent in their main businesses, and their core competitiveness is poor. Therefore, production companies must be professional and become leaders in product categories. Chinese companies are currently small in scale, and they are not eager to do everything, but should do the best for one type of product.

3. Brand. Foreign hardware companies that have entered China are internationally renowned multinational companies. They have good reputation and can provide users with quality products and perfect services. Chinese companies are more familiar with language and market, and they have a relatively good understanding of cultural needs. Therefore, it is more likely to establish their own brands.

4. Technology. At present, the design capabilities and level of multinational hardware companies and processing methods are higher than us. They all have advanced design reserves, and we lack both funds and technology.

5. Marketing management. At present, China's hardware management model has not yet taken the path of real agency, management experience, management methods, management talents are facing challenges; market management, price management, and promotion management are all at a medium or upper level.

6, channels. The demand for the Chinese market itself is growing, and many foreign companies are coming to China for production. They are more concerned about the Chinese market. Most Chinese hardware manufacturers are mainly based on the domestic market. However, the domestic market is undergoing changes. The traditional large business associations, trade associations, Hualian system and power distribution system are all joints without economic relations, waste of resources, and high marketing costs of enterprises. China's hardware exports account for only a few percent of the total. Expanding overseas markets is only the beginning. It is necessary to go out and lack international talents and trade experience.

7. Scientific decision-making mechanism. Many people in China believe that foreigners do not understand the Chinese market. In fact, foreign manufacturers will use high salaries to invite Chinese localization talents, willing to spend money to buy information, establish effective information channels and quickly respond to decision-making channels, while China Hardware The response to the market often lags behind, and we often lack decision-making and delays in business opportunities.

8, service. Foreign hardware manufacturers take the laws of the host country as the yardstick, never commit to the competition, the service is very standardized, not only does not pay money, but also has the ability to profit, and use economic means to promote the improvement of their service standards.

9, mechanism. Multinational corporations have established modern corporate systems with clear and operational rights. Our traditional hardware manufacturing companies, even if they are listed, may have a strange circle, that is, enterprises with standardized operations, and more or less retain the traces and branding under the traditional management mechanism, because they are all born out of the traditional mechanism. . Such mechanisms and traces restrict the performance of competitiveness.

10. Funds. At present, it is difficult for China's hardware manufacturers to get the funds. Even if they can get the funds, the scale is very limited. Some even operate in debt, and if they want to be close to the market, they will lack the ability to transform and the products will be on the same level. Therefore, the development of enterprises is difficult, and they are often forced to fall into price wars.

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