Where to buy scrap iron crusher to Zhengzhou Wanhua mechanical crusher Daquan

Where to buy scrap iron crusher to Zhengzhou Wanhua mechanical crusher Daquan

Today, with the extreme consumption of natural mineral resources, China now attaches great importance to the development of scrap metal resources. At present, all domestic industries are actively and effectively recycling scrap metal resources to alleviate the long-term consumption of national resources and the recycling of scrap iron. The realization of China's energy-saving emission reduction, clean production, recycling economy, and alleviate the crisis of iron ore resources crisis, and Wanhua mechanical scrap iron crusher plays a vital role in the recycling of waste iron resources, with good The application development prospects.

[Wanhua scrap iron crusher working principle and characteristics:]
The scrap iron crushing process uses the crusher to crush the scrap iron, and the sorting system is used to sort the crushed scrap iron to obtain a pure high-quality scrap steel processing method. The working principle is that under the continuous drive of the high-speed, high-torque motor, the hammer on the rotor of the pulverizer in turn hits the scrap iron into the cavity, and under the strong impact, the scrap iron is torn and extruded into certain specifications. The crushed iron is processed by a sorting device to obtain high-quality crushed iron with high purity.
[The scrap iron treated by the pulverizer has the following characteristics:]
1. The shape of the material is neat and the specifications are similar; 2. There is a higher proportion of the pile; 3. The attachment is less; 4. The purity is higher. The use of pulverized iron for steel smelting has the following advantages: 1. High yield; 2. Stable chemical composition of molten steel, low sulfur and phosphorus content; 3. Shorter smelting cycle; 4. Extended life of lining in furnace; 5. Air pollution And slag reduction; 6, the electricity consumption per ton of molten iron is reduced

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'Where to buy scrap iron crusher to Zhengzhou Wanhua mechanical crusher Daquan

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