Wanhua new pulverization technology plastic film pulverizer spurs industrial innovation

Wanhua new pulverization technology plastic film pulverizer spurs industrial innovation

Henan Wanhua Machinery Co., Ltd. has a large production base of plastic pulverizers, exquisite production technology and first-class production team. Plastic film pulverizers are widely used in social development. As people's living and consumption levels have been improved, plastic film packaging products are now appearing more and more in the market. Such a situation will not be available for a long time without recycling. The consequences of recovery, so Wanhua Machinery produces a plastic film pulverizer to facilitate social convenience, so that people can start a business and get rich on the other side can also contribute to the country to reduce environmental pollution.

[Wanhua Plastic Film Crusher Application Profile:]
It is suitable for the recycling of various plastic packaging films, plastic boxes, plastic bottles, shells and other plastics. The plastic film pulverizer is easy to operate, and the blade change is simple and quick. The wide knives are suitable for crushing large-volume thin-walled and thin materials and improve the crushing efficiency. The electric control safety design is adopted. The hopper adopts double-layer structure and is filled with soundproof materials. The motor is equipped with an overload protection device and the power supply device has good safety and environmental protection, and is energy-saving and durable.

[Wanhua plastic film pulverizer equipment advantages:]
It consists of chip cutting device, pulverizing device and fan. The whole set of equipment is driven by only one motor. It has simple structure, compact layout, low price, stable operation, low energy consumption, high output, good finished product quality and low processing cost. The utility model has the advantages of low energy consumption, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefit, convenient use and maintenance, etc.; the machine has small occupied area, good quality, low power consumption, and is suitable for mobile operation;

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'Wanhua new crushing technology plastic film shredder shakes industrial innovation

Group V Belt , apart from the merits of the single belt, can make full use of every single belt and eliminate the vibration of the single belt, with the merits of good integrity, equal stress, smooth operation, high carrying capacity, long service life, which is suitable for high-power dynamic transfer. The crown face of our group V Belt is made archwise and under stress, every thread remains in order. So the core of thread bears equal stress and the strong force of every thread can be made full used of. Therefore, the group belt operates more smoothly and has more carrying capacity. The group belt includes Group General V Belt and Group Narrow V Belt.

The V-Shaped Belt Series includes:

General V Belt

Group V Belt

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Group V Belt

Group V Belt,Group General V Belt,Group Narrow V Belt