The role of varistor thermistor in the power circuit

The role of varistor thermistor in the power circuit

Generally, it is necessary to avoid the inrush current generated when switching on and off in an electronic circuit, so in the power circuit we usually connect one in series.

Power type thermistor, which can well suppress a surge current when switching on and off. When the thermistor is connected in series with AC

The road is mainly used for "current insurance", and the varistor gear is connected in the AC circuit to "restrictive voltage is high"

The role.

So what is the working principle of the varistor? Let's say here a varistor that says "nominal 300 volts"

It works when our normal residential electricity uses 220 volts, and if it rises to 310 volts, it exceeds 300 volts.

Once this happens, our varistor will be broken down, and after passing a large current, it will blow our insurance.

Wire, once our fuse is blown, it will protect the circuit behind it. In this case, the varistor will be very fast.

Restored to the previous working state.

But whether it is a varistor or a thermistor, after working for a period of time under normal power conditions, if you continue to do it again and again

Switching on, this will cause a lot of damage to our power supply, mainly due to the temperature of the thermistor or varistor

Ascending, its relative resistance will decrease, this time will have a great impact on the ability to suppress the surge, indicating that its ability to limit is very

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