Future smartphones will use fighter jet fuel

Future smartphones will use fighter jet fuel

U.S. researchers at the University of Utah recently proposed a new idea that made people start to think: using jet fuel to power smart phones. For many years, we have always used batteries to provide electricity to mobile phones. How can fuel be connected? At least scientists do not seem to be joking. This can make people think about it all at once. The mobile phone that burns oil will not be very powerful.

So this phone will not be very insecure? This is not it. Scientists will use JP-8 jet fuel used by fighter jets, which is one of the safest fuels in the military. And, to use it without burning, JP-8 can decompose at room temperature and generate electricity.

I don't know what kind of changes this mobile phone will bring to our future. However, today's emphasis on energy-saving green energy, this invention is somewhat outdated.

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