Enterprises lack the enthusiasm for developing elderly homes

Enterprises lack the enthusiasm for developing elderly homes

In recent years, children's home has become a new force in the market that cannot be underestimated. Its novel and unique design, frequently updated national standards, constantly refresh the concept of children's home. However, compared with this, the design, production and marketing of elderly household products that are also divided into age groups by age group are inferior. In the context of China's gradual entry into an aging society, why does the household market appear to be “old and invincible”? The industry believes that this is mainly due to the immature environment of the elderly home market, high R&D costs and low returns. People's consumption concepts are different and other factors.

Old-age home "money" scenery unlimited

Li Daye, who lives in Haidian District, Beijing, is 76 years old. He is a retired worker. His eldest daughter is abroad and his youngest daughter is married to Shanghai. This makes him and his wife an "empty nester." Since they didn't like to live in a nursing home, the two daughters wanted to buy some home products for the elderly. However, his eldest daughter visited several large home stores and did not find shops that sell old-age home products.

Uncle Lee went to work in the factory in his early years and suffered from severe arthritis. As he grew older, the symptoms of arthritis became more apparent, and even the stairs were difficult. He told reporters: "Every time I sit at home, the soft fabric sofa is a little scared. It is very difficult to stand up after sitting down. Later, I simply don't sit on the sofa, so as not to be guilty." In addition, it is hard to let Li uncomfortable. The toilet, after squatting, must be very strong to stand up. "Every time I want to put a handrail next to the toilet, I can stand up with a force, but nowadays home products have no such design at all, indicating that most of the products in the design of the products do not take into account the actual situation of the elderly. Use the demand." Uncle Li said helplessly.

Uncle Lee is just one of the thousands of "empty nesters". The China Ageing Industry Development Report 2014 (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) released by the National Office of the Aged Work Committee on September 23, 2014 shows that the number of elderly people in China has reached 202 million in 2013; by 2020, the elderly population in China The number is expected to increase to 260 million. In 2014, the consumption potential of the elderly will reach 4 trillion yuan; by 2050, this figure is expected to grow to 106 trillion yuan, accounting for 33% of China's GDP. According to the "Report", the rapid increase in the number of elderly people will bring new business opportunities while bringing various problems such as pension pressure. Due to physical reasons, the elderly have special requirements for household products that are different from those of young people. They are mainly reflected in the color, function, category, comfort and safety of the products, so the market potential is huge.

In addition, the special needs of the elderly for household products are also comprehensive, from furniture to bathroom, from electrical appliances, cabinets to decoration design have special requirements. For example, when the elderly have the highest safety risk when going to the toilet, they need to install a smart toilet or a safety handrail for a common toilet.

According to industry insiders, elderly household products should be designed to minimize unsafe factors. For example, furniture should be less angular to avoid injury to the elderly; it is best to use a hard mattress or a thick bed with a thick mattress because the spring bed is soft. Not suitable for the elderly; the reclining angle and the sitting angle of the chair should be larger, so that the elderly can sit more comfortable, and should try to design the handrail for the chair; in the room where the elderly live, it should not be lower. Double-legged drawers and over-the-top cabinets to prevent older people from bending and climbing when taking things.

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