Basement waterproof plugging decoration points

Basement waterproof plugging decoration points

Now more and more people will use the basement, and can transform the basement into a living room, home theater, gym and other entertainment rooms. However, in the face of the basement decoration problem, we must pay special attention to the issue of moisture-proof, the waterproofing of the basement , and so on. The following small series briefly introduces the decoration points of the waterproofing of the basement .

·Operational points

Before the construction, the line should be stretched and tried to make the coil placement accurate. The heating degree of the hot melt adhesive must be mastered when laying the coil material. If the heating is insufficient, the binding between the coil material and the base surface is not firm; if the heating is excessive, the hot melt adhesive becomes brittle and the quality of the waterproof layer is seriously reduced. For this purpose, the base layer and the bottom surface of the coil are required to be uniformly heated at the same time. When the surface of the linoleum is melted and bright black, the coil is used to roll the coil and discharge the air under the coil to make it stick firmly. The width of the web laps shall not be less than 100mm. The strength of the lap joint adhesive extrusion shall be determined by hot melt adhesive extrusion, and the hot melt adhesive that has overflowed shall be scraped with a scraper and sealed along the edge. The construction site must have fire prevention facilities and must not be constructed simultaneously with solvent coatings.

·Main technical measures

(1) Underground outdoor wall waterproofing adopts “external anti-adhesion (coating) method”, which means that the facade coiled material or paint is directly brushed on the waterproof structure.

(2) The flexible waterproof layer at the site of the construction pile should be laid on the periphery of the pile and sealed with a sealing material. The head surface was wiped with a 20mm thick polymer cement mortar that was 50mm wide beyond the edge of the pile to cover the flexible waterproof layer. The strength grade of polymer cement mortar should not be lower than the strength grade of the engineering pile core.

(3) In order to enhance the waterproof effect of the coiled material, the coils at the floor construction joints are spread across the construction joints, and an additional layer of 2m wide coil is built in the two-layer coils.

(4) The underground outdoor wall of the project shall be provided with 300mm wide rear pouring belts. The waterproof shall use three layers of polyurethane waterproof layer sandwiched by two layers of glass fiber cloth, and shall take 500mm with the outer wall waterproof layer.

(5) After the completion of the flexible waterproof layer, a protective layer shall be provided in time. The concrete method is to pour 40mm thick plain concrete on the waterproof material of the coil, and scrape 20mm thick cement mortar on the outer wall polyurethane. Be careful not to make holes in the finished waterproof surface.

· Coating construction procedures

Check, clear the grassroots -> node seal processing -> deployment of waterproof paint -> layered scratch waterproof coating -> inspection, cleaning, maintenance -> protective layer.

·Paint construction points

Pay attention to the overlap width of the joint cleaning and sealing process, and mix the waterproof material properly (weight ratio, this project is transparent liquid: black liquid = 1:2). The prepared waterproof coating is evenly smeared on the surface of the base layer with a rubber plate 6 times. After the upper layer is substantially dry, the next painting process can be carried out, and each time the material is 0.5-0.8 kg/m2.

·Waterproof treatment of underground anti-float anchor

The base floor anti-float anchor bolt adopts a diameter of 40mml rebar steel, and the floor anchorage section length is 900mm. Before the construction, the root rods are cleaned and inspected. It is found that the leakage should be etched along the surrounding of the anchor rod and plugged with “stop water”. If there is no leakage, the anchor rod itself shall be derusted, and then an expansion water stop ring shall be installed 200 mm away from the pad level to achieve the purpose of water stoppage. The polyurethane waterproof coating is applied to the water stop ring and overlaps the web by 500 mm width on the pad level.

About the basement waterproof plugging related information for everyone to introduce here, I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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