How to open shop shop feng shui taboo

How to open shop shop feng shui taboo

Opening a store of course hopes to be able to prosper, and the factors that will slightly affect the business will definitely be more. In order to listen to human destiny as much as possible, businessmen will try to reduce the factors that affect the business and choose a place of prosperity. Therefore, the feng shui taboo is also need to pay attention to the shop , the following small series briefly introduces the next shop Feng Shui taboo .

Shop feng shui taboo: store door --- do not accept the air

The shop's door is the throat of the store, and it is the passage for customers and goods entering and exiting. The number of customers that the store door meets every day determines the rise and fall of the store.

Shop feng shui taboo: counters should not be placed at the exit

In order to promote merchandise, some shops often place counters at the exit of escalators. The purpose is of course to enable customers to see the promoted goods as soon as they reach the floor, in order to increase the possibility of selling merchandise, but this practice often leads to some customers. Will deliberately bypass this counter and go to the next counter. You may wish to remove the counter 2 meters away from the counter at the entrance of the stairs, and then look at the effect. I believe you will feel the magical effect of the “home schooling”.

Shop feng shui taboo: shouting --- do not put deafening music

Playing deafening music is actually very bad. In fact, music itself can create a kind of atmosphere, but it depends on what kind of atmosphere is created. The soft and elegant music can make customers stay away and increase customer retention. The time spent in the shop increases the possibility of consumer spending. The tremor of music is called “voice” in feng shui. It is a fierce form that makes people spontaneously generate irritable emotions. Can have a negative effect.

Shop feng shui taboo: avoid direct rushing --- escalator not to the door

Most escalators are now equipped with escalators. Please be careful not to face the escalator at the gates of the shops. If this is already the case, use the shelves as much as possible so that customers do not see the escalator when they enter the door. It is also the principle of “good luck and avoidance” in feng shui. Otherwise, the customer in your shop is “a lot of visits and generous donations”.

Shop feng shui taboo: store color --- can not be determined casually

The color of the store's decor is very particular. There are many shops that are very focused on the interior colors of the store. Some businesses think through psychometric tests that brighter colors such as red can make people feel more excited and inspiring. The desire to buy. From the perspective of feng shui, the color of the interior of the store should be considered in combination with the owner’s birthday, the orientation of the storefront, and the five elements of the merchandise to be sold. The attributes of the merchandise should be classified into wood, fire, earth, gold, and water. Then according to the owner's fate and the store's residence, the store's interior color is determined in a specific way. The method is extremely complicated and must be decided by a professional house owner.

The relevant information about the feng shui taboos of the shop was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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