Aluminum silicate insulation material features

Aluminum silicate insulation material features

[China Aluminum Network] Product Features:

First, the green harmless aluminum silicate insulation material is a new type of green inorganic coating, is a single component material packaging, non-toxic harmless, with excellent sound absorption, high temperature resistance, water resistance, frost resistance, low shrinkage, overall seamless, No cold bridge, thermal bridge formation: stable and reliable quality, crack resistance, good seismic performance, strong resistance to negative pressure, light weight, good insulation and good workability, water retention, strong adhesion, surface layer is not Hollow drum, construction without sagging, no sagging, reduced construction consumption, combustion performance is Class A non-combustible material: temperature in the range of -40-800 °C quenching and rapid heat, the insulation layer does not crack, does not fall off, does not burn, acid, alkali Oil.

Second, the water-absorbing and flame-retardant make up for the traditional water-absorbing coating in the wall, which has large water absorption, easy to aging, large volume shrinkage, easy to cause low strength in the later stage of the product, hollow cracking, lowering the performance of the insulating coating, and at the same time make up for the polyphenyl particles. Insulation coatings are flammable, poor fire resistance, high temperature produces harmful gases, low weather resistance, and large resilience. Aluminosilicate insulation material is a thermal insulation coating with high safety factor in the wall insulation material and excellent overall performance and construction performance. It can be used according to different media temperature to wipe better economical thickness, and the cost performance is much better than equivalent performance materials.

Third, the seal is stable and stable, strong adhesion, quick construction can effectively shorten the construction period, and is not limited by the geometric shape of the insulation body, especially suitable for internal and external wall insulation, central air conditioning under the air supply system and the opposite surface insulation Can prevent the leakage of the leakage of the gaps in the traditional materials, and constitute an overall seal. The product complies with the "Building Thermal Insulation Mortar" GB/T20473-2006 implementation standards and meets national fire protection and environmental protection requirements.

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