Analysis of Lock Selection and Routine Maintenance

Analysis of Lock Selection and Routine Maintenance

Locks play an indispensable role in everyday life. The birth of Chinese locks has stretched thousands of cows. Wooden locks have been found in the cultural sites in Handan, bronze locks have appeared in the Western Zhou Dynasty, and metal locks have been widely produced and used in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The ancient Chinese locks have not only been of real value but have become valuable. Historical evidence, it reflects the historical development of carpentry and hardware technology from one side. Everyday we touch the locks, from the front door locks to the door locks, from the handle locks to the drawer locks, as the hotel door lock manufacturers we deal with every day, so let me talk about how to maintain hotel locks and sauna locks.

Lock selection:

1, the choice of lock core When selecting the lock core, we must first clear that they need to install the lock is in the outdoor or indoor If the former is to recommend that you choose the cylinder lock more than 6 core cylinder safety index is quite high if it is In the house, we can choose 6 or less lock cylinders or coin lock cylinders without marbles. Because we lock the door in the room, we don't lock it up when it's used. We don't even lock it, so we usually install a simple lock cylinder. That's it.

2, the lock body is usually selected at the entrance of the door locks are multi-mode tongue-based mainly to improve the anti-theft anti-shock-proof function if it is the indoor can choose a single tongue or multi-toned lock body.

3. Door lock feeling If the door lock is installed, it feels awkward to close the door when it is closed. That is the gap between the door leaf and the door frame can not keep a certain rule beyond the scope of this regulation will appear the phenomenon of the door squeezing tightly or the size of the door leaf and the door frame It is different, so everyone must be clear when shopping for locks.

Lock installation

1. Ask an experienced carpenter or a master with knowledge of the lock to install it. And according to the distance specification model in the product specification to open holes, chisel support nest, lock plate and lock box hole, in order to make preparations before installation.

2. Check whether the hole that was drilled is accurate and in strict accordance with the steps in the product installation instructions. If you find that the lock switch is not flexible or open after installation, consult the locksmith master. The product dealer or its manufacturing company's technical service department, after-sales service department, so that the problem can be solved.

3. After the product is installed and no problem is found, remove the product and wait until the door has been painted and dried (recommended for two or three days), then reinstall the lock. The purpose is to avoid the paint sticking. On lock products, affect the appearance and performance (usually because the paint sticks to the lock and makes the drive inflexible) because the chemical gas will corrode the product when the paint is not dried, accelerate the surface treatment of the product, affect the appearance and reduce The service life of the lock.

During the renovation of the house, please use plastic bags (do not seal the exposed parts of the lock handles, panels, etc. with the adhesive surface of the adhesive tape and the surface of the lock) to prevent the surface treatment layer of the lock parts from being acidic or The erosion of alkaline materials and gases produces spots, foaming, and even delamination, which seriously affects the appearance of locks.

Lock maintenance

1. Always keep the lubricant in the body of the lock body to keep it smooth and prolong its service life. It is recommended to check it once every six months or one year, and at the same time check if the fastening screws are loose to ensure the fastening.

2. When the lock head is in use, periodically (six months or one year) or when the key is not inserted smoothly, a small amount of graphite powder or pencil powder can be applied in the lock cylinder groove to ensure smooth key insertion and removal. However, do not add any other oil for lubrication to avoid the grease sticking to the spring, causing the lock to rotate but not open.

3. Check the clearance between the lock body and the lock plate frequently, and check whether the height of the lock tongue and the lock plate hole is appropriate. The best clearance between the door and the door frame is 1.5mm-2.5mm. If any change is found, adjust the position of the hinge or lock plate on the door. At the same time, attention should be paid to shrinkage and thermal expansion caused by the weather (wet in spring and dry in winter) to ensure that the clearance between the door and the door frame, the lock body and the lock plate is reasonable, so as to ensure the smooth use of the lock. , The specific one can ask the manufacturer directly when buying.

4. In normal use, if there is dirt, use a dry cloth to clean it, and do not scrub with chemicals such as detergent. Otherwise, the protective film of the exposed part will be damaged, causing discoloration. Do not wipe the lock body and handle with a damp cloth, as some metallic locks will rust; alloy locks will wear off the coating and lose its aesthetic appearance. Some zinc alloys and copper locks that are mounted on the door for a long time will find "spots". This phenomenon does not belong to rust, but it belongs to oxidation. If this happens, just wipe with a surface wax spray. You can remove the spots.


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