How to choose wing gates, three roller gates and swing gates

How to choose wing gates, three roller gates and swing gates

Wing gates, three-roll gates and pendulum gates are channel blocking devices (channel management equipment) used to manage the flow of people and standardize pedestrian access. They are mainly used in station flow control, scenic ticket gates, factory attendance, and so on. Its most basic and most essential function is to realize an entrance passage where only one person can be used at a time and can be used for various fees and access control occasions. Then, how to choose wing gates, three roller gates and swing gates, you first need to understand the differences between the various types of gates:

Wing gate: It is composed of at least two wings. The width of the passage is generally less than 600mm. It is suitable for controlling one-way or two-way flow of people.

Three-roll gate: composed of three rods, the standard length of the rod is 500mm, and the gap of the rod can only accommodate one person. It is suitable for controlling one-way or two-way flow of people, and the passing speed is normal.

Swing gate: The length of the pendulum can be customized. The length of the single rod is 600mm and the longest is up to 900mm. The width of the double rod channel can reach 180cm. It is suitable for one-way or two-way control of human traffic and traffic (electric vehicles, tricycles). .

In the choice of channel gates, it is also necessary to confirm before purchasing.

(1) Different working methods. The wing gate is operated by a motor, and the three-roll gate (except fully automatic) is a combination of optical coupling reset + mechanical reset and manual propulsion;

(4) Channel function The passages of different wing gates can pass through small suitcases and other items (trailing methods), but the three-roll gates are not allowed;

(2) Different opening time Due to different working mechanisms, the opening speed is also different. The opening and closing time of the wing gate can basically be controlled in about 0.5 seconds, while the opening and closing time of the three roller gate is about 1 second.

(3) The passing time is different because of the different shapes, so the wing gate is open when it is open, and the personnel can pass quickly. The fastest speed can reach 1.5-2 seconds/time, and the maximum speed of the three-roll gate (actual calculation). 2.5-3 seconds/person

(6) Different performances The three-roll gate is a primary-discrimination device. It only has the role of guidance and does not possess security. The wing-bearing has functions such as anti-climb alarm, anti-trailing alarm, and anti-clamping electronic eye. It belongs to a product with a relatively high safety level. ;

(5) Different costs Three roller gates are entry-level channel products, and can only be used for civil-grade channels, while wing gates are mid-level products that can support high-traffic places such as civil-grade rail transit, and the price is several times higher. .

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