Build safety** Technical support for support

Build safety** Technical support for support

Build safety** Technical support for support

First, the status quo of hospital security system construction

The overall construction of the domestic hospital security system is currently in an unbalanced state. The technical and physical defense construction in the top three hospitals in all regions is relatively complete. There are still many shortcomings in the small and medium-sized hospitals.

Hospital security construction has always been a key livelihood issue that the government is concerned about. Taking Shanghai as an example, as early as in 2009, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Technical Protection Standardization Technical Committee will work out with relevant organizations, and the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision approved the issuance of the Shanghai Municipality Standard “Safety Technical Precaution System Requirements for Important Parts of Key Units. Part 11: ** (DB31/329.11-2009), this standard specifies the basic requirements for the construction of safety technology prevention systems at or above the secondary level (including level 2) in Shanghai. For the first time, the video surveillance system and intruder alarm system , Entry and exit control systems, vehicle parking lot (library) management system, communication display system, electronic inspection system, physical protection device's configuration incorporated into the ** security technology prevention system combination, in the design, construction, inspection, acceptance, maintenance Application and other aspects to make a comprehensive and specific specification.

Focusing on the whole country, the conflicts between doctors and patients are prominent, and disputes are frequent. The overall situation of safety and security is not optimistic. For this reason, the management departments at all levels have made some major measures in a timely manner and created a safe and harmonious atmosphere on a large scale. For example, in October this year, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Ministry of Public Security issued the “Guidance Opinion on Strengthening the Construction of the **Safety Prevention System”, which also pointed out the direction for major security organizations, especially the security construction of the DM and above.

Second, the frequent causes of medical disputes in recent years

The Big ** is the main place where disputes between doctors and patients occur. At present, the distribution of our country's medical resources is extremely uneven. Compared with small clinics and even community clinics, the resources of the major resources are relatively concentrated, the doctors are skilled, the medical equipment is advanced, and patients are eager to see the doctors. Many patients recover their health with medical treatment. Eagerly looking forward to rushing in, so that the formation of ** resources shortage, in short supply. The patient's therapeutic effect sometimes falls short of his own expectations, and the psychological gap is relatively large. It is easy to form a tense psychological atmosphere and even hostility. At this time, if there are some conditions around the lack of timely dissolution and guidance, or even some negative incitement, it may lead to extreme events.

Third, to ease the contradiction between doctors and patients

In the area of ​​doctor-patient cooperation, it is necessary for the ** to increase investment in the construction of AIDS, continue to add advanced medical equipment, and vigorously cultivate and expand the medical elite to improve the treatment level and improve the effectiveness of treatment; for patients, Need to flatten their minds. After all, in spite of the rapid development of medical technology today, many diseases are still unable to be cured. Although rejuvenation is a common expectation of doctors and patients, in the face of actual conditions, there is still a need for more mutual understanding between doctors and patients, and joint efforts to overcome disease are the two parties’ immediate obligations.

Reducing the harm caused by conflicts between doctors and patients is currently a more pressing task. This contradiction requires a lot of efforts, such as raising the moral level, optimizing the legal environment, and strengthening the construction of the security system is also an important measure. As one of the measures in the construction of security system, the construction of security technology prevention is to provide technical support for the security management of **. This is not only a safety guarantee for medical staff and facilities, but also protection of patients' rights. Patients are the ultimate beneficiaries. In order to better achieve the protective effect, **security prevention or need to continue to develop in a more humane direction - both to maintain a good medical environment, but also improve patient satisfaction.

15-25mm Calcium Carbide: Physical and chemical properties: ores are solid brown or black block, pure white crystals (including CaC2 higher purple). Density of 2.22 g / cubic centimeter, the melting point of 2300 ° C (with CaC2 content), water immediately intense reaction to generate acetylene, and release heat, Calcium Carbide content varies with the melting point also will change.

Impurities: Caustic soda often contain calcium arsenide (Ca3As2), calcium phosphide (Ca3P2) and other impurities, and the role of water at the same time release arsine (AsH3), phosphine (PH3) and other toxic gases, so the use of Acetylene generated by calcium carbide is toxic.

Crystal structure

The most common crystal form of CaC2 is tetragonal, stable between 298K and 720K. Quartet CaC2 similar to the crystal structure of NaCl, but due to [: C≡C:] 2- ion oval, oriented, the crystal is tetragonal. In CaC2 crystal, the C-C distance is 120pm, which corresponds to the bond length of carbon-carbon triple bond, the distance between Ca and C is 259 and 282pm.

15-25Mm Calcium Carbide

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