Correct cleaning method and maintenance misunderstanding of fabric sofa

Correct cleaning method and maintenance misunderstanding of fabric sofa

The fabric sofa has been favored by many young people with its novel shape, comfortable feel and affordable price. However, if the fabric sofa lacks the usual cleaning, it will not only become dirty, but also become easier to damage.

The correct cleaning method for the fabric sofa:

First: When cleaning the fabric sofa, you need to know whether the sofa you purchased is detachable. If it is a detachable sofa, you need to consult the shopping guide if you can wash the water.

Second: Clean the sofa once a year with detergent.

Third: the sheath sofa can be cleaned. The elastic sleeve can be cleaned by a washing machine, and the larger cotton cloth or linen jacket can be taken to the laundry.

The correct maintenance method for the fabric sofa:

1. Always use a sofa or a special cleaning agent for the carpet. You can also use a clean white cloth to apply a small amount of medicine, and wipe it repeatedly in the dirty area of ​​the sofa fabric until the stain is removed.

2, the armrests and cushions of the fabric sofa are easy to be dirty, and the sofa towel and sofa cushion can be placed on the top.

3, fabric sofa wear resistance is not as good as leather sofa, so you should avoid sitting in the same seat, if the hair ball, can be removed with small scissors.

Cloth sofa maintenance misunderstanding

Myth 1: The longer the drying time, the better. Summer sunshine is good, many people think that taking the pillows and cushions of the sofa to the sun can remove the bacteria on the sofa. However, there is a degree of drying, and drying in the sun can kill bacteria, but if it is dried in the sun for a long time, it will make the sofa cloth hard and brittle, thus reducing the life of the fabric sofa.

Myth 2: Exposure can be high temperature antivirus. When the summer sun is shining, the fabric sofa is exposed to the sun. Indeed, exposure can undoubtedly be sterilized, but the damage to the fabric sofa is very large. The change of temperature will affect the color of the fabric, which will lead to fading and discoloration, and will make the fabric harden to affect the comfort of the fabric sofa.

Myth 3: Frequent tapping can remove dust. Many people have misunderstandings about the dust removal of the sofa. They think that frequent tapping can effectively remove dust and keep the seat cushion clean. In fact, the seat cushion does not need to be frequently beaten, and it can be cleaned regularly. Frequently tapping the cushion will loosen the cotton inside the cushion, causing the cushion to deform.

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