The advantages of community access control system swing gate

The advantages of community access control system swing gate

In order to maintain the security environment of residential communities, a wide variety of community access control systems have been applied to the daily security maintenance of the community. The main residential security measures include security doors, security nets, intelligent access gates, access control systems, and security and * measures. Of course, most enclosed communities use security doors, anti-theft nets and other measures. However, for open communities, the channel gates are more applicable, such as: swing gates, three-roll gates, and so on.

The most widely used swing gate is the community, especially the open-type community. The combination of the swing gate and the security personnel is more reasonable and atmospheric, and the swing gate provides convenient services for the access management of the open community. The advantages of the community access control system and the swing gate are:

Swing gate case

1, according to the need to configure the reader part, excessive delay or infrared sensor reset;

2. Tozaga counting function, the external screen display the flow of people, convenient for the owner to manage;

3, off-line operation: swing gate can be connected with the host network work, but also work offline. According to the parameters downloaded in advance, smart verification of the identity of the pass is valid, authorized access, and record the pass information;

4, the control of the host with RS485 communication interface, can be extended to direct control through the software swing gate work, convenient large-scale channel system centralized management and control.

5, smart card: The system uses non-contact smart RF card, successfully solved a card with multiple, confidential, no wear, easy operation and other issues, greatly improving the practicality of the system.

6, easy expansion: computer and swing gate using RS485 bus communication, source card system. After the corresponding control system is installed, the number of swing gates can be increased according to needs. The host system can perform back-end management and setting of newly added devices.

The access control card system or channel gates in all kinds of places can be contacted by Creative Technologies, a professional access control system with a characteristic appearance gate, to meet the needs of all places.

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