Can microwave oven be used as oven? Microwave oven and oven which is good

Can microwave oven be used as oven? Microwave oven and oven which is good

As baking has become more familiar and loved by people in recent years, electric ovens have also received unprecedented attention. Many people only have microwave ovens in the home without an electric oven. It is not convenient to bake food, but we can see that the microwave oven has the function of “grilling”. Can microwave ovens be used in the oven ? Many people have this question in mind. Here's a look at Xiaobian. Can microwave ovens be used in the oven ?

Can microwaves be used in the oven? Let's take a look at the different functions of the two!

Microwave oven

1. The function of the microwave oven itself is hot rice

If you are a family member, or you need to get up early to work, then the microwave oven can help you get your meal hot. Put a microwave in the unit and put it in a hot box. It is also possible to heat a loaf of milk in the morning. There are office workers who go home late for hot food leftovers. So, hot stuff leftovers microwave preferred, but do not hot rice steamed bread class, the temperature is too high and easy to harden, need to get some water to go;

2, disinfection utensils, etc.

Yiyi sometimes uses a microwave to disinfect bowls, provided of course that the bowl can be used for microwave heating. It is also possible to sterilize the towels. The washed towels are not too dry to put in for 30 seconds. There will be no odor and not hard after the micro-over, but the time must not be too long;

3, make a simple roasted food

Now microwave ovens are still relatively high-tech drops. It is okay to bake a peanut, bake a nut, and bake a ham. However, the heat is not easy to master and it is easy to get rid of, so you can only bake it a little and stare there.


1, of course, the oven can bake a variety of Western-style things

The biggest role of the oven is to bake a variety of cookies, cakes, pizza and other delicious, although some things can do other tools, but it is only a substitute, can not adjust the temperature to do not have the taste of the oven;

2, do Chinese cuisine barbecue

For example, grilled fish grilled prawn baked an eggplant mushroom or something, can use the oven. Although it can be said that ordinary pans can be done, but after all, the taste and the oven is much worse, but also always look at the pot, not as good as the oven convenient. And the most important thing is that you can cook baked sweet potatoes and roast chicken in the oven. This is much cleaner than baking outside. It's safe to eat.

3, yeast dough

Many ovens come with a fermentation file, and the temperature is just right for the dough to ferment. For families with no heating in the winter in the south, it is better to use ovens to bake the dough and bread steamed buns. Because the required temperature of the dough is not very high, and it is best to be constant temperature, the oven will have much faster fermentation than your ordinary fermentation.

Can a microwave oven be used in the oven? Let’s take a look at what users say

The little fish: Many molds are made of metal. Metal objects cannot be heated in the microwave oven, but there is absolutely no such problem in the oven. Another point is that when ingredients are placed in the oven, they are at least guaranteed to be evenly baked, and there is no chance of being half-baked. Therefore, it is recommended to use them separately.

Professional Chef: Although the microwave oven has a grill function, it is not always a professional oven and it does not meet the requirements of the barbecue. I have tried to use it for barbecue. I have tried both direct heating and baking in tin foil. It can only be used to cook meat and no char aroma; otherwise it is too hot and char is charred. There is no way to put tin foil into the microwave and it will melt flash sparks. Therefore, if you want to make barbecue at home, you can only buy a professional oven.

Younger brother: Even if the microwave oven has a grill function, its temperature and stability are inferior to those of the oven. If you feel that you are baking something small in size, such as chicken wings and small cakes, the finished product of the big one is quite different.

Feery: The principle of heating is not the same. The microwave oven allows the food itself to rub against each other to produce heat energy. This way, the oven warms up the food by baking heat from the outside of the heating tube.

Experts said that the microwave oven's grill function is just an additional item, and the technology does not have an electric oven "professional" .

The difference between microwave oven and electric oven

Sometimes I would like to make some barbecue snacks at home. However, I don't have an oven at home. I wonder if I can use a microwave instead? Many people have such questions. According to related professionals, the grilling function of microwave ovens can indeed make some barbecue snacks, but the effect is different from the oven.

"The microwave oven spreads heat to the food through the air in the furnace, this process is from the inside out. The electric oven turns the electrical energy into heat through the resistance wire, this process is from outside to inside. Because their heating principle is completely different. , so the flavor of the baked food is also different.

Under normal circumstances, most of the microwave oven's devices exist for microwave function. Its grilling function can't control the temperature and adjust the temperature. The disadvantage is that the grill function is not comprehensive, the power is not enough, and it is easy to roast the food when grilling. According to experts, the microwave oven's grill function is suitable for those who want to change their tastes to do simple roast chicken wings, baked sweet potatoes and the like; and the electric oven is a special baking equipment, can bake, cake and barbecue And other kinds of food. It is understood that the advantages of electric ovens are professional and powerful. The oven's electric heating tubes are almost exposed and easy to clean. The function of the electric oven is relatively single, and the high-power electric oven consumes more electricity, so it is more suitable for people who choose to use barbecue foods.

Therefore, there are still some minor differences between them.

Finally, what's good with a microwave oven and an oven?

1, choose the right one for yourself

Are you a family that will bake something? Do you usually give your family pizza, biscuits, bread, cakes, etc.? Or do you usually go to work very busy, do not roast things to do the West Point, even the barbecue is rarely done it? Or do you usually need hot and hot meals, and your family members need hot lunches? If you need regular hot meals, then the microwave oven is the best for you; if you often like to bake something and play West Point, then you still have to buy an oven is better, although the microwave oven can also, but not Very authentic.

2, choose to buy

Although microwave ovens can be used for hot meals, microwave ovens have a relatively large amount of radiation, and there are some changes in hot meals, and nutrients are also destroyed. Ovens do not often eat baked things will not be a big hazard, as long as they eat properly, avoid eating too much will get angry. So microwave oven baked egg tarts, cakes can also be, but the egg tarts with microwave ovens do very easy to explode, the cake is to use microwave oven cake powder to do, no good for the body, so the microwave personally feel that in addition to hot meals is actually just a decoration Only. Therefore, the best choice is to buy the best one and choose the one that suits you best.

Edit summary:

When the microwave oven on the above can use it as well as a microwave oven and a brief introduction to what is good here, I hope for your help. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

Microwave oven

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