Debug surveillance camera full Raiders

Debug surveillance camera full Raiders

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The security industry has been developing in China for more than ten years, and the development of the monitoring industry has also had a certain color. The surveillance cameras can be seen in the streets and alleys. Since it is so common, we certainly need to know how to debug the surveillance cameras.
Debug surveillance camera full Raiders
1. Turn on the camera's automatic electronic shutter function;
2. Use the controller to adjust the lens aperture to the maximum;
3. Align the camera with an object 30 meters away, and focus it to infinity (most lenses are facing the lens and rotate the front focus adjustment ring clockwise to the head);
4. Adjust the zoom of the lens with the controller to push the scene to the farthest position, and adjust the intercept of the lens to make the scene clearest;
5. Use the controller to adjust the lens zoom to zoom the scene to the nearest, and fine-tune the lens to make the scene clearest;
6. Repeat steps 4-5 several times until the scene is always clear during zooming.
Summary: Master the above points, the debugged surveillance camera will really get the value of use.

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