Dongguan furniture enterprises seize the current marketing hot spot "WeChat marketing"

Dongguan furniture enterprises seize the current marketing hot spot "WeChat marketing"

In the era of social media, WeChat users will exceed 500 million. WeChat is currently one of the most popular and widely covered marketing methods in China. In the era of the national WeChat, WeChat marketing also came into being. Dongguan furniture companies have also seized the current marketing hotspots and used the era of micro-marketing to shape the perfect consumer experience. However, due to many factors such as the knowledge structure of the person in charge of the enterprise, the WeChat marketing of Dongguan furniture companies is still in its infancy.

In Dongguan, although many furniture company owners are aware of the importance of WeChat marketing, they are limited by the knowledge structure, information is not correct and so on. They are relatively simple and even rough. Huxun, that is, Huxun Research Institute of Home Informatization, is a professional service organization engaged in the integrated application of supply chain information in the home industry and innovative marketing models. According to Mr. Jiang, the person in charge of mutual communication, 70% -80% of home furnishing companies only registered a simple public account. In addition to sending a WeChat message similar to advertisements every day, other similar The following interactive functions such as interaction, WeChat purchase, and detailed inquiry of WeChat products cannot be realized.

In China's Zhejiang, Beijing, Sichuan and other cities, the application of WeChat marketing is far more extensive than Guangdong, a major home manufacturing province. However, the application of WeChat marketing in Shenzhen and Foshan in Guangdong Province is relatively good, mainly the owners of home furnishing companies in Dongguan, and professional managers who still care about the quality of products. They think that as long as the products are good, there will be distributors. , The awareness of WeChat marketing is relatively weak. In fact, we can use the WeChat marketing fission strategy to bring a variety of marketing functions to enterprises, which is a double added value of small cost promotion and convenient management means.

Following the development trend of the times, WeChat is a necessary tool for our lives for a long time in the future. Mr. Jiang said that the advantage of WeChat lies in friend relationships, and the target group comes from friends, mobile phone contacts, friends circles, social circles, these circles The establishment of trust in China is precious, which is also the purpose of WeChat marketing. Based on WeChat ’s strong relationship and reliability, the degree of trust is significantly higher than that of Weibo ’s fan concept. As social media, this is the biggest core advantage of WeChat. Based on this, the open rate of promotional activities on WeChat is as high as 90%, which is Higher reading rate than traditional media and mobile media.

Many employees in the furniture industry are playing WeChat, but they rarely pay attention to the homepage of the WeChat public platform, because there is no very clear slogan. "No matter how small an individual has his own brand," Mr. Jiang said that the core of the WeChat public platform is to help companies or individuals build their own brands from the media. Since it is to build a brand, it should reflect the brand image of this company or personal self-media, so that WeChat marketing becomes more diversified.

Enterprises grasping the core advantage of WeChat is to establish a group of loyal customers. The significance of WeChat marketing is to achieve self-divisional promotion, thereby maintaining old customers and adding new customers. In fact, this is also the key to the success of WeChat marketing. The core of how to implement this model is the biggest concern of WeChat marketing.

The public WeChat platform for furniture companies mainly maintains the word-of-mouth marketing model of old customers and develops new customers, locks users with electronic membership cards and coupons, and achieves fission-type communication through WeChat privilege rewards, which expands the scale of enterprises and increases revenue while establishing Brand image, expand popularity, and constantly develop new customers; supplemented by interactive marketing modules to attract users to get discounts and win customer favors, resulting in a large number of weekly promotional coupons forwarded to achieve multi-tasking.

According to statistics, 60% of new customers come from existing customers. The cost of developing a new customer is 10 times that of retaining an old customer; while customer loyalty drops by 5%, corporate profits drop by 25%; the success of selling products to new customers The rate is 15%, and the success rate of marketing new products to existing customers is 50%; if the customer retention rate increases by 5% each year, the profit will reach 25% -85%.

In general, the O2O model of the micro-marketing platform uses offline consumption to obtain QR codes, and uses online WeChat QR codes to participate in various value-added services, including recommendation points, carousel sweepstakes, and consumption coupons. Waiting for the online behavior to promote offline consumption. This should be said to be the fastest and best marketing model in WeChat marketing. This model can effectively improve the efficiency of word-of-mouth communication and obtain rapid returns. In addition, many large furniture companies have put forward their own personalized needs. Huxun is deeply digging into the needs of the furniture industry, tailoring the WeChat service system of furniture companies to meet comprehensive solutions from marketing, service to brand and culture.

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