Changes in market share of solid wood furniture and panel furniture in recent years

Changes in market share of solid wood furniture and panel furniture in recent years


When you go to the furniture market, consumers will find that many new solid wood brand furniture have been added to the market, and the original brand of panel furniture has also launched solid wood series products. The biggest hot spot in the furniture circle. How has the market share of solid wood furniture and panel furniture changed in recent years? In the face of impact, how should panel furniture change?


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Solid wood is steadily increasing


It is understood that in recent years, the brands that sold hot Qumei, Baiqiang, Yifeng and other brands in the field of panel furniture have hit the solid wood furniture market. The new solid wood furniture products of these brands are often placed in the most eye-catching position on the storefront. Wen Shiquan, chairman of Yifeng Furniture, once said that board furniture is still the future development trend, but solid wood furniture is more flexible and more valuable, and it is easier to create a simple, stylish and personalized texture in the design, so there are also A certain amount of considerable market.


Zhang Jingping, marketing director of Lvzhidao Furnishing Beijing Co., Ltd., said that panel furniture still occupies half of the market, solid wood furniture is only two-fifths, and the rest is upholstered furniture and other furniture. In the past five years, solid wood furniture has generally shown an increasing trend, and the market share of panel furniture is shrinking.


"The proportion of the solid wood furniture market is growing at an average annual rate of 5% to 8%." Shen Yaojun, vice president of Beijing Jimei Home Furnishing Market Group, said that although the current sales volume alone, panel furniture is more than solid wood, because the former has a price advantage. However, the proportion of panel furniture will be reduced in at least the next three years, because people's consumption concepts have changed, and the environmental protection performance of furniture is becoming higher and higher.


"This is completely different from the West." Shen Yaojun said that in Europe, the proportion of panel furniture consumption is getting higher and higher. First, foreign furniture manufacturing technology is mature, the harmful substances of panel furniture can be reduced to extremely low; second, the environmental protection of residents With a strong sense of consciousness, the panel furniture uses less logs, which can protect the forest from excessive logging. In the past few years, many panel furniture in China broke the scandal of excessive formaldehyde and insufficient quality, which caused panic. Consumers have to consider the health problems of themselves and their families. Those who have the ability to consume try to buy solid wood furniture.


Non-environmental protection causes panel furniture to "shrink"


Liu Yang, deputy general manager of Chengwaicheng Furniture Plaza, as a person in the industry, witnessed the ups and downs of solid wood furniture and panel furniture over the years . "In the past few years, because of the low threshold for the manufacture of panel furniture and the uneven quality, many brands of various sizes have emerged." Mentioned the prosperity of panel furniture at that time, Liu Yang still has a fresh memory. "In recent years, panel furniture has gradually become a brand The market share of manufacturers with good reputation and environmental protection performance has steadily increased, while small manufacturers with little reputation and unstable environmental performance have closed down and withdrew from the market. "


Liu Yang said that with the increasing popularity of environmental awareness, more and more consumers pay attention to the environmental performance and quality services of furniture. If the board itself does not meet the standards, or the edge sealing process is not in place, it will not be favored by customers. . The solid wood furniture, due to environmental protection, low formaldehyde content, and the gradual civilian price, the consumer group is gradually expanding. Some panel furniture manufacturers saw the business opportunities and tried to take the solid wood route, such as the Top 100, Yifeng, etc., and the market responded well.


"Moreover, solid wood furniture products are now more and more refined. Originally, they were mainly made of domestic wood. Now many imported wood are used, which has a stronger sense of quality. In terms of design, the solid wood furniture used to be a little dull and bulky. The age of the buyer It is too large; now it has added a lot of modern elements, and it has become more foreign. It has attracted the attention of many young people. Among them, those with economic strength will choose to buy these beautiful and environmentally friendly solid wood furniture. "


How to deal with panel furniture


In the face of solid wood furniture, how should panel furniture manufacturers respond? Shen Yaojun believes that panel furniture manufacturers should take a longer-term view, further expand production scale, reduce production and logistics costs, and increase market share. Looking back at the industry reshuffle in recent years, he said that all furniture manufacturers with large production capacity and competitive prices have survived. "In the future, domestic home furnishing brands will be gradually reduced and centralized. The larger the scale of production and the lower the price, the more likely it will be the final winner."


       Panel furniture manufacturers should strictly control the two aspects of raw materials and production processes, use environmentally friendly plates, improve edge sealing and other process technologies to prevent formaldehyde release, so that products can still be environmentally friendly; coupled with cheap prices and fashionable fashion design, etc. Can occupy a place in the market without being eliminated.


In addition to working hard on production, Shen Yaojun also proposed that manufacturers can try to change the mode of cooperation with distributors. "Some factories now try to set up their own branches all over the country, without cooperating with distributors, hoping to put all production profits and operating profits into the bag, but the results are not satisfactory, and many factories have not succeeded."


Shen Yaojun said that the current market is mainly a distribution model, that is, manufacturers produce and sell them in the store, and the interests of distributors are not directly linked to the manufacturers ’receipts. Can you change it and change to a joint-stock cooperation model? Bundle the interests of manufacturers with distributors, the more manufacturers sell, the more distributors earn, which may prompt distributors to adjust their strategies, thereby increasing sales and achieving a win-win .


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