Stainless steel gear pump application range introduction

Stainless steel gear pump application range introduction

[Asia Pump Network News] stainless steel gear pump is a kind of acid-resistant, wear-resistant gear pump. According to the design proposal provided by the stainless steel gear pump utility model, a driving shaft and a passive shaft are mounted on the shell, a gear is arranged on a section of the driving shaft located in the shell, and a gear engaged with the gear is arranged on the passive shaft to form a pair of gears Deputy, set the import and export of materials in the shell. Next, Xiaobian introduce you to stainless steel gear pump applications. Stainless steel gear pump range of applications Stainless steel gear pump is mainly used in small flow, high-lift water systems, such as drinking water supply system, pressure boiler water supply system, high purity water purification systems and pharmaceutical, food, fine chemicals, paper and other industries flushing , Spraying and other processes. Stainless steel gear pump range of applications in the oil transmission system can be used as transmission, booster pump; In the fuel system can be used as delivery, pressurization, injection fuel pump; In the hydraulic drive system can be used to provide hydraulic power of the hydraulic pump In all industrial areas, can be used for lubricating oil pump. The above is the stainless steel gear pump application range, for everyone in the use of stainless steel gear pump reference. (Editor: Li Juan) An expanded reading: 2016 China Ring Expo 2016 Beijing Petroleum Exhibition Pumps Valve Pipe Fittings Exhibition Information 2016 Exhibition Information

Prefab House is made of light Steel Structure and sandwich panel for the walls and roof. The structure is connected by bolts and the walls are fixed with rivets.

The wall/roof panel can be insulated by polystyrene(EPS), polyurethane(PU), rock wool and fiber glass.

The house is widely used as temporary office, temporary hospital, family house, dormitory, canteen and so on.

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