How to design a dessert shop? How much is the dessert shop decoration?

How to design a dessert shop? How much is the dessert shop decoration?

The main reason for the design of the dessert shop is to attract consumers to stop, so that the store will have an uninterrupted source of customers, and the dessert business will flourish. How to design a dessert shop ? How much is the dessert shop decoration ? If you are ready to decorate or want to decorate the dessert shop, follow the decoration home decoration network to learn about it.


How to design a dessert shop ?

1 , the dessert shop design should be fashionable . As a trend store, the dessert shop is mostly fashionable people. Therefore, the dessert shop must be stylish and have its own design style. Desserts can be displayed on the glass counter, and stylish and interesting patterns on the wall, such as hand-painted, comics, etc., add to the casual fashion atmosphere of the dessert shop.

2 , the use of color should be eye-catching . Dessert shop decoration chooses the bright color, which makes it easier to attract customers' attention and let more potential customers enter the store. Secondly, the customers of the dessert shop are mostly young people, students, or lively middle-aged and elderly people. The dull colors are not suitable for the warm and happy taste of desserts. Therefore, when decorating the dessert shop, pay attention to the use of bright colors, and it is best to match the vitality without glare.

3 , can add tables and chairs in the store . When the dessert shop is decorated, if the size of the store is allowed, you can plan a place to place tables and chairs for guests to sit down and enjoy desserts. The choice of table and chair can be made of candy-colored foam, fabric, etc., or it can be made of transparent glass, which is suitable for the overall style of the dessert shop.


How much is the dessert shop decoration ?

The decoration of the dessert shop attaches great importance to the establishment of the appearance image. The focus of the decoration is on the design of the facade, and the requirements can be more refined. The decoration price of the 30- square-meter dessert shop is generally around 25,000 . The main foods sold in the dessert shop are mainly milk tea, hot drinks and cakes, and homemade sweets. The decoration seems to have a specific connection with the food on the surface.

The above is what Xiaobian brought to you.   How to design a dessert shop ? How much is the dessert shop decoration ?   I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of dessert shop decoration after reading this article . If you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel !

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