Material selection and decoration design points for bathroom decoration

Material selection and decoration design points for bathroom decoration

To do a good job in bathroom decoration, the first choice is the choice of materials. The quality of the materials is not enough to decorate the family bathroom. In addition, there are many places in the decoration design of the bathroom decoration, such as decoration color matching. This article will introduce you to the material selection and decoration design points in the bathroom renovation.

Bathroom material selection

The design of the bathroom is basically convenient, safe, easy to clean and beautiful. Due to the heavy moisture in the bathroom, the interior decoration materials must be based on waterproof materials. The walls and ceilings of the bathroom occupy the largest area, so materials that are both waterproof and resistant to corrosion and mildew should be selected to ensure indoor hygiene. Tiles, reinforced panels and waterproofing are all possible with plastic wallpaper. Natural stone, such as marble, has a special texture, but it can not be effective in a small bathroom.

In terms of flooring, natural stone is used in the fear of floor tiles. It is both sighing and durable; large tiles are easy to clean and easy to keep dry; while the practical value of plastic flooring is high, and the anti-slip effect is more remarkable after the nails. At present, most households use a variety of patterns and colors of non-slip wear-resistant bricks, and according to the size of the space, a variety of bricks are prepared, roughly 300 mm × 300 mm, 200 mm × 300 mm, 200 mm × 200 mm, etc. . The wall is decorated with square or rectangular decorative tiles, with waist lines, tiles, and corners to increase the overall beauty. At the same time, PVC buckle wall panels can also be used, which are simple and elegant, and the lines are elegant.

Bathroom ceiling

The bathroom ceiling can be made of various materials according to different shapes. For example, the flat top can be made of PVC gusset, aluminum gusset, plastic aluminum slab, and light steel keel. Art ceilings such as enamel can be made of soft waterproof boards, soft boards, plastic aluminum sheets, or decorated with a variety of colored glass.

In terms of the height of the general suspended ceiling, the household toilets in developed countries are mostly short. In many domestic houses, the height of the bathroom is equal to other rooms, so in order to avoid empty and cold, the ceiling height can be designed to be 2.2 meters-2.4. Between meters. When the area is more than 8 square meters, it is advisable to install a cosmetic cabinet above the wash basin, hang a storage box far away from the water source, or draw a place for daily dressing.

Bathroom color

In color matching, the color effect of the bathroom consists of wall, floor materials, and lighting. The color of the bathroom is better with a cool, cool color, suitable for similar colors and similar colors, such as light gray tiles, white bathtubs, milky white washstands, and pale yellow walls. It can also be used in clear and simple warm colors, such as milky white, ivory yellow or rose red wall, to help the similar color of the floor, the simple pattern of the floor, under the soft, diffuse light, not only makes the space view wide, the warmth doubles, and More and more clean and clean, and refreshing. Black with gold, representing mystery and noble, plus glass, marble, mirror, through the light to disperse a little star, more golden, and extraordinary. In addition, the bathroom boldly uses black and white super-small, clear, simple and clear, with green plants as an embellishment, can add a lot of anger.

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