What if there is "black ebony" on the ear of corn?

What if there is "black ebony" on the ear of corn?

Reasons for "black ebony" on the ear of corn:

Obtained corn smut and the disease can be infested throughout the growing period of corn. If the irrigation is not timely, a physiological drought is formed, resulting in a decrease in disease resistance of the corn. After rain or watering, when the humidity condition is reached, the residual spores in the soil will germinate and cause disease. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
There are "black wumai" prevention methods on the ear of corn: Linyi Fertilizer Network
It is best to prevent corn smut and to grow resistant and disease-resistant varieties. In addition, seed dressing before sowing can also be effectively prevented, and seed coating or seed dressing is carried out by using charcoal (Duofu bromide nitrile) or difenoconazole. At the same time, spraying 1-2 times of Altai (oligosaccharide chain protein) + difenoconazole and other fungicides before the corn is taken, can effectively reduce the occurrence of diseases. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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