How does the mine wet spraying machine work?

How does the mine wet spraying machine work?

How does the mine wet spraying machine work? Mine wet spraying machine is mainly used for wet spraying of wet soil, wet spraying can make the mixture mix evenly, the water-cement ratio can be accurately controlled, and it is beneficial to the hydration of water and cement, so the dust is small and the rebound is small. The concrete has good homogeneity and high strength. Reasonable machine structure, stable performance and long service life.
Mine wet spraying machine is mainly composed of driving motor, speed reducer, rotary font assembly, sealing plate, hopper seat, vibrating hopper, pressing mechanism and accelerating agent conveying system, air channel system and electronic control device. The concrete is blended by the mixer into the vibrating hopper according to the ratio, and falls into the material receiving cavity of the rotor body through the screen. The rotating rotor body brings the material of the material cavity to the discharge port of the panel, and the compressed air enters the spraying machine. After the wind machine, it is divided into three ways: all the way to the quick-setting agent mixer, all the way to the cyclone (downwind), and all the way to the hopper seat (upper wind road). The wind passes through the hopper seat and the rotor body cavity. Through the panel outlet. Therefore, when the material chamber of the rotor body reaches the discharge port, the compressed air blows the mixture through the cyclone and the blasting pipe nozzle. After the wind in the downwind path passes through the cyclone, a whirlwind is formed. Flow through the cyclone, the material has been accelerated rotation, so it is not easy to produce a sticky plug.
The use of wet spraying machines by coal mine users not only greatly reduces the concentration of dust on the side of the machine and outside the nozzle, but also eliminates the harm to the health of workers and greatly increases the productivity. It is an essential product for modern mining.

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