Several solutions to the failure of the access control system

Several solutions to the failure of the access control system

Software Testing

1. Detection method: Start the management software, enter the main console to select the door, click on the detection controller, the software operation information will prompt the relevant fault, then you can handle according to relevant information.

2, real-time monitoring method: the total console - real-time monitoring, real-time monitoring corresponding to the corresponding credit card indicator to facilitate the detection of credit card does not open the door fault.

3, search. Net method: basic settings - controller - search. Net, help find the communication failure of the TCP / IP controller Corresponding communication indicator helps to find communication failures. Please turn off the firewall!

Hardware indicator method

1. When the power is on, we can see the power indicator POWER, and the CPU indicator flashes to determine if the controller is working.

2. When swiping the card, we can look at the card light to determine if there is card reader data transmitted to the controller.

3, press the button to go out, we can see the relay indicator, whether it sounds, determine the controller relay output is normal.

4. When looking at the TX and RX lights during communication operations, the TCP controller Rx (Link) light indicates that the wiring is generally OK. A flashing Tx light indicates that the communication is in progress.

5. The err flashing indicates that the controller is faulty. Obtain detailed information in the software test.

6, video controller can also see the power indicator, ping when Rj45 port indicator flashes alternately.

7,485 active converter with or without flicker can determine whether the computer sends data.

Replacement exclusion method 1, device replacement method: This can only be referenced, can not be completely determined, because, if it is caused by an environment or factors may not be immediately shown, just like a person's chronic disease has a latency, over time It will cause problems. If the equipment that is suspected to have problems is replaced, there will be no problem with separate detection. This may be an environmental interference problem such as wiring, and it should actively continue to find the source of the fault.

2, computer replacement method: can determine whether it is the customer's computer or operating system environment, virus problems, serial output or settings are wrong.

3, database, software replacement method: such as the extraction of records or upload settings failed, failed to generate reports, you can use another new database or software to determine the scope of the problem.

Separation and elimination method 1. With the access controller as the core, many controlled devices can be connected externally, and the quality parameters of the external devices are all uneven. Compatibility may cause interference, resulting in phenomena such as controller reboot. , ERR light flashes, the door is abnormal opening and closing, you can separate this external device to see if it is normal, and then load each external device one by one, and load a test to see what is loading caused this fault, such as Gates, bells, elevators, automatic doors, and various alarm devices external to the expansion board may be sources of interference. The solution is to install a weak isolator.

2,485 communication, a system has 8 controllers, you can consider the first to disconnect the next 4 units, and then disconnect the remaining 4 units to narrow the search, or disconnect from the first second station, One by one, link the back link to the communication line and see which one is added.

3, TCP controller uses the conventional method in the customer's network can not be normal network, can be independent from the customer network with independent switch test OK, seek the support of Party A network management to see if other network authentication restrictions are enabled.

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