2016 new "no" bath trend

2016 new "no" bath trend

2016 new "no" bath trend

According to the survey, 72.5% of the houses will change the bathroom or redecorate the bathroom. UK UK bathroom use survey data show that 41% of people: Bathroom is a place to escape the tedious life and leisure; 20% of adults: Adults bathroom to call, play mobile phones; 60% of young people: Teenagers bathroom to play smart phones; 30% Above people: I hope the bathroom can become a good place for social networking.

Luxury Master Bathroom

The living room in the bathroom space is already a trend, but to what extent is luxury? It depends on the concept of bathroom design, how to get out of its space a good feeling. The luxury of the bathroom does not represent the most expensive but its artistic, luxury and comfort.

Contemporary design Zen

Zen is a concept of simplicity, so foreigners use it as a concept. Poor contemporary design is how to combine the design of things with a ware, and these artistic things need to be presented in space.

Open space

Comfortable space is to be extremely comfortable. Comfort is the function is stronger, many companies are doing, but to find a unique perspective in the product, that is, comfort, future comfort is in the direction of health.

Natural forest bath

The bathroom's positioning of things is natural, and the pursuit of nature is also a respectable feeling that everyone feels natural when showering at home. All the feelings of the layout here, including your bathroom, including your materials, need to be considered. the concept of.

Wooden bathroom

In this multivariate equipment society, ceramics will be replaced by many new materials, such as titanium porcelain. In this piece of material, the column made of titanium can be completely used in the concept of wood, mixed stone to achieve, you can also use stainless steel, copper and other materials to achieve. What should I do if these materials do not meet bathroom requirements? It is similar to antique wood, imitation copper and other new come to appear.

Functional quality first

Why China's toilet can not only be as good as Japan's, but also save water when emphasizing the function. In foreign countries, smart toilets must be required to be six sigma (ie, the failure rate should be controlled within 3.4%), but smart toilets are not really realized.

New cool lighting

Lighting is already a very common thing. How do you apply it to bathtubs, faucets and bathrooms? The smart toilet also needs to make full use of this kind of lighting, so this trend of LED is also being researched abroad. It has been a very clear trend, and the LED's so-called indicators need to do a combination of many aspects.

New smart bathroom

What will be in the bathroom space in the future? There can be many things and ideas that can be explored intelligently. From smart phones to smart bathrooms to smart bathrooms, it is no longer a single individual. They have all developed rapidly. Now launch a concept called bath networking, how to intelligentize things in the bathroom, intelligent quickly, something bad can immediately contact the manufacturer, immediately teach you how to do it simply, are the potential of the bath networking era .

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