Experts pointed out: Be cautious with glufosinate

Experts pointed out: Be cautious with glufosinate

Experts pointed out: Be cautious with glufosinate

With the ban on ban, the problem of glyphosate-resistant weeds has become more serious. As the world's second-largest transgenic crop tolerant to herbicides, glufosinate has become a major product of the pesticide industry in 2016. All companies have launched glufosinate-related products from raw pharmaceutical production, preparation sales, and foreign trade exports. This reporter interviewed industry-related companies and industry experts. Experts believe that the rigid demand for glufosinate market has increased, but the decline in raw drug prices has dampened confidence, and key technologies for production processes have not yet been resolved. Although glufosinate is hot, it should be used with caution.

It is understood that glufosinate was once complicated by the complex process and limited production. The ton price was once as high as 300,000 yuan. In the past two years, glufosinate products have shown a spurt growth. So far, China has registered 160 kinds of glufosinate-related products, of which more than half are products registered after 2014, and production companies have also grown from the original five to 120.

In addition to the registered products that have been approved, according to sources, more than 400 glufosinate-related products from nearly 200 companies were approved for field efficacy trials in 2013-2015 and will be expected in this market in the next few years. Have a cup of tea.

In terms of production capacity, Bayer CropScience and Zhejiang Yongnong have all expanded their production capacity. New talents such as Lier Chemicals, Jiangsu Huifeng and Hebei Weiyuan have also come under fire. For a time, the competition became more and more intense, and the price of glufosinate fell below 170,000 yuan.

Zhang Yibin, a professor at the Shanghai Institute of Pesticides, said that the key technical issues of glufosinate have not yet been resolved. This has led to high prices, which are much higher than those of products like ***, which will be a bottleneck in promotion. Glufosinate, dicamba, etc. are now hot spots in the industry, but they should be involved with caution.

Qiu Feng, general manager of Sichuan Lear Crop Science Co., Ltd. predicts that in 2016 China will be the fastest growing country in the glufosinate market in the world. ***After delisting, glufosinate has a large-scale promotion advantage over alternative products such as dicamba. Qiu Feng said that Lille is optimistic about this market opportunity, and begins to force the domestic market and fully cover the field crops and cash crop markets.

Zhang Chongfeng, deputy general manager of Yongnong Bio-Science Co., Ltd., said that this year's drop in glufosinate price has dampened market confidence to a certain extent. On the other hand, rigid market growth has brought opportunities for the industry. Through nearly 10 years of market development, glufosinate products have been accepted by customers. In the future, Yongnong will continue to use economic crops as its main driving force to create high-end brands of glufosinate and gradually increase public awareness of glufosinate.

Yu Shi-neng, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Qizhou Green Chemicals, stated that product quality is the key to winning the glufosinate market. Seven continents are mainly export-oriented, and will further develop the market through cooperation with Bayer and other multinational companies in products and channels. In terms of preparations, Yu Shi-neng believes that future compounding is a trend, and the compounding of glufosinate and glyphosate will help the management of resistant weeds.

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