Waterproof balcony to pay attention to what summer balcony decoration 4 notes

Waterproof balcony to pay attention to what summer balcony decoration 4 notes

The balcony is a place where the house is connected with the outdoors. Here we can enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the easy contact with nature. Although the balcony is good, it can be annoying when it rains. The rain will wet the balcony and it will make the ground slippery. It will bring us a lot of security risks. Therefore, now in the home improvement, the waterproofing of the balcony is also a top priority. What should we pay attention to when making the balcony waterproof? Today Xiao Bian came to explain to you about what you should pay attention to when you are doing waterproofing on the balcony . Let's learn about it together!

Waterproof balcony to pay attention to what 1

First of all, we must ensure that the doors and windows are closed. When it rains, it will not seep through. The window's tightness must be up to standard, so that our waterproofing will not be done in the least. This is especially important for enclosed balconies.

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Secondly, we also need to pay attention to how high the distance from the ground is. Generally speaking, we should not be less than 30cm away from the ground when we are painting waterproof. If you have a washing machine on the balcony, then the place requirements for the washing machine are higher. If your home is exposed, it is recommended to do more to enhance the waterproof effect. In terms of thickness, the Waterproof Coating must be brushed to the 1.5mm thickness of the national acceptance specification.

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When we are doing the ground, we need to make a gradient, high side and low side, and a floor drain on the side of the ground. This is because if your balcony is not sealed, there will be a lot of rain coming in the rainy days. To prevent the rain from flooding into the room, consider the horizontal inclination of the floor decoration to ensure that the water can flow to the drainage hole and not let the water flow. Flowing towards the room.

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When it rains, what we hate the most is that there is a lot of water on the balcony. There are two reasons for this, one is that water is not used for slope, and the other is that the drainage capacity of the floor drain is relatively large, which will cause the underwater flow to slow down. Therefore, when we choose the balcony floor drain, we have better choice of drainage and drainage.

Xiao Bian's words: In order to achieve a better effect of sheltering wind and rain, we can not choose materials! Try to choose a waterproof coating with good performance and high quality, and choose a business with guaranteed after-sales service. This will make our stay more comfortable and at ease, and will keep your balcony clean and clean. The above is the knowledge of Xiao Bian and everyone to explain the balcony to do what to pay attention to the knowledge, and hope to give you some reference! More related content, you can pay attention to Qijia information, follow-up will present more exciting content!

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