How to do winter pipes with frozen pipes

How to do winter pipes with frozen pipes

We all know that the winter climate is relatively cold. If the temperature is too low, ice formation and freezing of water pipes will occur. This will bring a lot of inconvenience to our lives and will directly affect our water needs, thus affecting our normal life. If the water pipes are frozen, what should we do? Today Xiao Bian came to talk with you about how to do the freezing of water pipes and how to prevent freezing in the winter water pipes. Let's learn about it together!

What to do if the pipes are frozen

1, poured with boiling water

If the water pipes are severely frozen and naturally melt, we can use hot water to open them. But do not use hot water directly at the beginning, otherwise it will easily lead to damage to the water pipe. First, after several times of pouring with warm water, hot water is poured in the kettle, and the water is poured evenly back and forth on the water pipe. Be careful not to burn yourself. If the freezing is more severe, you can do more pouring several times until the open water pipe.

2, using hair dryer wind

If the water pipes are frozen, you can use a hair dryer to heat the frozen water pipes. When you blow, you need to adjust them to the big stage. You need to start with the faucet. Sometimes the faucet is frozen. If the faucet is turned off, it will drown. No longer need to blow pipes. If you do not drown, you must slowly heat the pipes along the faucet until you open the pipes.

3, turn on the heating

If the indoor water pipe is frozen, do not use hot water, you can put the hot stove next to the water pipe, or there is heating to turn on the heating, the room temperature will come after the release of the frozen water pipe.

How to prevent freezing in winter water pipes

1, water supply pipe "wearing and wearing a cap"

This refers to the fact that when the outdoor temperature is about to reach zero, we put the “clothes” on the water pipes in advance. For example, we use a layer of cotton, plastic, foam, etc. to wrap a layer of insulation.

2, increase the indoor temperature

For the water pipes in the house, we can prevent the pipes from being frozen by increasing the temperature in the rooms. For example, air conditioners are turned on, curtains used in the north are made of thicker materials, and when the weather is cold, the doors and windows have to be closed at night and the curtains are pulled up.

3, dripping antifreeze

We can also open the tap a little, if the water is flowing, there will be no freezing, but it is best to put a bucket under the tap, so that it will not waste water.

Xiao Bian's words: We need to plan for things. The same is true for water pipe installation. Before the winter temperature drops sharply, we must do some corresponding antifreeze measures for the water pipes so that to a certain extent we can avoid frozen pipes or reduce the degree of freezing. The time is easier. The above is the relevant knowledge of Xiao Bian and everyone to explain how to do the freezing of the water pipes and how to prevent freezing in the winter water pipes. I hope I can give you some references! For more related content, you can pay attention to Qi Family Information, and follow-up will show more exciting contents. !

What to do if the pipes are frozen

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