Hemp rope decoration background wall making steps background wall decoration points

Hemp rope decoration background wall making steps background wall decoration points

Now renovated house when the walls are to be decorated, so it looks not so empty, or else the walls will significantly monotonous, if decorate it would be better to add effects to interior design style, so Ma What are the steps for making the rope decoration wall ? What are the wall decoration needs that we need to pay attention to? The following is a small series of decoration home network to introduce to you.


First, the hemp rope decoration background wall making steps

1. You should choose the appropriate viewing distance according to the size of your pre-installed TV. The usual data is: the viewing distance is 3.5 to 4 times the length of the diagonal of the TV screen, but I want to teach you an easier way. ——Sit on the sofa and straighten your arms. If your hand can just block the TV screen, it means the distance is right.

2. After determining the distance of the TV, it is necessary to grasp the height of the TV suspension, which is usually reasonable (or slightly higher) than the eyes. Although the current LCD, plasma, and LED TVs are very thin, they are quite considerable in weight. Therefore, when constructing a TV wall that will hang a TV, pay attention to its robustness and stability, and prevent it from hanging on a large TV. An accident has occurred.

3. Use the pre-embedded PVC pipe to lay the power cable and signal cable to the preset position of the TV. After the completion of the construction, thoroughly check the power socket for hidden dangers. Be sure to keep the grounding reliable. The signal line (ie, cable TV radio frequency) should also be grounded reliably to avoid potential difference from the power supply part and prevent fire hazards.

4. Illumination If you are used to turning off the lights and watching TV, it is recommended that you place one or two softly colored backlights on the TV wall to reduce the contrast between the TV screen and the surrounding environment. That is to make the screen of the screen more soft and pleasing to the eye and protect the vision, it can be described as two birds with one stone.


Second, the background wall decoration is necessary

1. The size of the wall: The size of the wall design should be determined according to the size of the living room and TV. If the area of ​​the wall is too large, it will not only waste resources, but also give people a sense of oppression. If the wall area is too small, the overall effect will become uncoordinated.

2. The wiring of the background wall: There are many people who pay attention to the wiring during the decoration. Some people think that the position of the arrester and the socket are convenient to use, but often after the decoration, especially when installing the TV wall, You will find that there are a lot of wires exposed outside, which looks very unattractive.

3. If the area of ​​the background wall is too large, it will not only cause waste of resources, but also bring a feeling of depression. Moreover, if your TV size is too small, the overall effect is extremely uncoordinated. It is recommended that the distance between the eyes and the TV should be 3.5 times the size of the TV. Therefore, do not make the TV wall too thick, which will lead to the narrowness of the living room, which will also affect the visual effect of the TV.

The background wall is a common decoration method in our life. The design of the wall is generally designed with decorations. Then, what are the steps and decoration points of the background of the hemp rope? I have read the introduction of the above series. I think everyone knows about this, then if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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