What are the characteristics of ceramic murals? What are the construction precautions?

What are the characteristics of ceramic murals? What are the construction precautions?

Nowadays people are paying more and more attention to the home environment. Many people will decorate their loved ones by attaching a beautiful ceramic mural to their bathroom, kitchen and TV background wall. The ceramic murals at home can make the home environment more elegant and chic, and add a lot of warm colors to the home. Next, we will introduce the characteristics of ceramic murals for you by the decoration Xiaobian, as well as the detailed construction steps and precautions when laying ceramic murals for your reference.


First, the characteristics of ceramic murals

1. The effect of ceramic mural decoration is very high-grade. There are many kinds of patterns. You can choose the TV background wall pattern according to your own decoration style and preferences, such as Chinese style, European style, modern style and so on.

2, generally belong to personality customization. On the tile for pattern burning or engraving and then coloring, the effect is very realistic, never fade, waterproof and moisture-proof, durable features.

3, because it is customized, you can customize according to the actual size of your decoration, so it may be unique near your neighbors.

4, TV background wall as a highlight of the living room decoration, can reflect the owner's taste and artistic conservation, so how to choose the TV background wall and material are very important, and tile TV background wall can let you solve this problem.

5, safe and environmentally friendly, convenient construction, harmless to people.


Second, the construction steps and precautions of ceramic murals

1. Before laying ceramic murals, check whether the construction wall is hygienic, smooth, clean, dry and hard. The surface must be treated with varnish or base film.

2. In the construction wall, use the wallpaper to make a vertical line on the flower. After adjusting the wallpaper glue, roll it evenly on the construction wall with the roller (do not apply glue on the non-woven fabric, it is best to use Japanese stone glue).

3, then in accordance with the order of the label from 1 to the left to the right on the wall, level the surface of the bubble, the seam should be flattened with a soft pressure roller, cut up and down. 1 tailor mural (the second one is pressed on the first one and the third one is pressed in the second

On top of the board, cut off from overlapping places, and you can do it. 2 pairs of murals (the same as ordinary wallpaper, don't stick to the wallpaper)

4. If you accidentally dirty the picture, please use a wet sponge to gently pick it up.

5. Because the non-woven fabric itself will absorb water, the glue should be thickened to increase the adhesion.

Tips and suggestions are all made with Japanese stone glue.

6. Never use a hard scraper or a nylon brush. Use a soft brush to gently press from top to bottom to make the wall covering on the wall.

7 Keep your hands clean, carefully apply glue, do not contaminate the surface of the wallpaper, and spill immediately with a sponge or towel.

8. Finally, use a brush to gently remove the air bubbles. Do not use too much force to avoid damaging the wallpaper surface. Keep the wall evenly coated and carefully flatten the seam with a soft pressure roller to prevent the wallpaper from curling.

9. The doors and windows must be closed after construction. Keep 24-36 hours in summer and 48-60 hours in winter, let the wallpaper glue dry naturally.

Choosing ceramic murals can be a more high-end atmosphere for your loved one. The above content is some of the relevant knowledge about ceramic murals brought to you by Xiaobian today. I hope that everyone can help when decorating the house to decorate the ceramic murals in the future. Want to know more about the installation information, please continue to pay attention to our decoration home network.

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