Benzoin-an Ideal Additive in Powder Coatings Production

Benzoin-an Ideal Additive in Powder Coatings Production

  • Model NO.: TP702
  • Appearance: Powder
  • Special Function: Powder Coating
  • Auxiliary System: Hardener
  • Transport Package: 25kgs/Bag
  • Kind: Powder Coating
  • Application: Appliance Paint
  • Property: Powder Coating
  • Trademark: TP
  • Origin: China
Benzoin-An Ideal Additive in Powder Coatings Production

General Desription:
Benzoin ( 2-Hydroxy-1.2-Diphenylethanoe)
It can be applied to chemical industry, pharmaceutical products etc.With rapid development of powder coatings, it is extended to this new field to overcome the defects of pinhole etc., which is caused by powder coating raw material. Benzoin is an ideal additive in powder coatings production.

Typical Properties:
Appeance Off-white powder
Melting Point 130~137ºC
Purity >99.5%
Boling Point 344ºC
Specific Gravity 1.31
Solubility In Water 0.03g/100ml
Vapor Pressure 1.1
Molecular Weight 212.25
Molecullar Formula C14H12O2
Stability Stable under ordinary conditions

Using methods:
To add benzoin in conpounded powder coatings and mix competely.Recommended level of use(based on total weight of compounded powder coatings).
Adding quantities:
 0.3-0.8% of total weight of powder coatings

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