Current status and development of aero-engine cutting tools (2)

Current status and development of aero-engine cutting tools (2)

(4) Since the promotion of the use of indexable and high-performance tools by aero-engine enterprises, significant results have been achieved in improving the efficiency of cutting and improving the quality of products. According to the statistics of some parts, the processing efficiency of indexable and high-performance tools is used. It is more than 2 times higher than traditional materials and can be up to 15 times higher. With the use of indexable and high-performance tools, the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the machined parts are significantly improved. At the same time, it also solves the problem that some new materials and difficult-to-machine materials are difficult to cut.

(5) At present, the outsourcing tool grinding is based on solid carbide milling cutters, drill bits, reamers, reaming drills and complex tools. Other tools (such as blades) have not yet fully developed the grinding business. Due to the insufficient tool grinding ability in the aero engine enterprise, the tool grinding is mainly commissioned. By using the tool grinding business, the cost of using the tool is further reduced.

(6) All aero-engine enterprises have qualified and screened the tools for the China Metalworking Online Copyright Co., Ltd. through different evaluation methods. For example, an aero-engine enterprise has comprehensively standardized and certified the suppliers of purchased tools through the tool comparison test and comprehensive evaluation. More than 15 domestic and foreign tool suppliers have been screened from the initial 40, which has improved the procurement of tools. Manage and use effects.

2 gap

(1) On the whole, however, there is a big gap between the level of cold process manufacturing technology and the advanced manufacturing technology level of developed countries, and it fails to form advanced comprehensive processing technology strength.

(2) The utilization rate of CNC machining equipment is not high, it is limited to single-machine operation, and the efficiency is low.

(3) The process test conditions and capabilities are seriously insufficient, and the numerical control processing efficiency is low.

(4) CAD/CAM/CAPP technology and its integration are still at the primary level, and a database of manufacturing resources including tools, cutting parameters, machine tools, etc. has not been established.

(5) The lack of systematic research on the optimization of CNC cutting parameters, there is not enough cutting parameter database to support the application of high-efficiency CNC machining technology.

(6) There are few cutting data for high-speed cutting and dry cutting technology, and no dedicated database is formed, which limits the application of high-speed cutting and dry cutting technology.

(7) In the face of some new and difficult materials, tool selection and cutting amount selection are unreasonable. There is neither a suitable cutting database available for querying nor the conditions for system cutting test.

(8) Lack of technical reserves and practical experience for the cutting of new aero-engine materials. Many new aerospace materials are processed without corresponding cutting tools and sophisticated countermeasures.

(9) I don't understand the dynamics of the process system during high-speed CNC machining. China Metalworking Online copyrights and stable cutting parameters, so the performance of the equipment cannot be fully utilized. In terms of high-speed cutting, the speed of cemented carbide milling titanium alloy can reach 150~200m/min, and the ceramic insert milling high-temperature alloy can reach 600~700m/min, which has already ranked at the world's leading level, but the production application is still not popular.

(10) High-speed, high-efficiency machining tools mainly rely on imports. The localization of high-speed and high-efficiency machining tools depends on the research and development of domestic tool manufacturers, but the application of high-speed cutting tools is not common, and the application of high-efficiency and powerful cutting tools is rare.

(11) Research on new cutting processing technology has made great breakthroughs in vibration cutting, but the research work on engineering popularization and application technology is still not in place, and it has not achieved the effect of universally improving processing technology.

(12) The research on precision surface processing technology and surface integrity is relatively backward, the cutting efficiency is low, the processing deformation is serious, and the surface quality is poor. It is the common problem in the processing of aero-engine parts.

(13) The brand of purchased knives is too complicated, and the same type and specification of knives have several brands. Due to the large difference in the cutting performance of various brands of tools, this brings great difficulties to the curing of the process parameters and the correct use of the tools.

(14) The level of integrated tool management is low, the tool waste is serious, and the cost is high. The waste phenomenon during the use of the tool is more serious, and there is a case where the tool is disposed of without failing to meet the wear standard.

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